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March 2010
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Tis the season

So its Passover time. A special time of year when the Coca Cola company brings you Kosher for passover Coke. Because of the dietary restrictions imposed on religious jews this time of year the soda has to be made with real pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup. You can find it in grocery stores in 2-liter format. It should have a yellow top. Stamped on this top will be a small letter "u" enclosed in a circle next to it will be a dash and a "P". If you have not tried coca cola made this way, I highly suggest it. It possesses a much different, subtler flavor. I don't really drink regular coke any more, but I always stock up this time of year.


I mentioned Jew-Coke to Lackey the other night; he had never heard of it. The bitter fruit of his atheism, it seems, is the lack of knowledge of such wonders.

the bitter fruit of my atheism is that i can't use god to explain away all the philosophical quandries people pose to me about my papers. because once you've got god on the table, brother, you can do some work with that.

How is corn syrup not kosher?

*lifted from another website which explains it much better than I could*

Kosher for Passover sodas must contain kosher for Passover ingredients. Sodas sold for everyday use contain a number of ingredients which are not kosher for Passover. Corn syrup is the everyday sweetener of choice, since it is cheaper for the manufacturer than cane sugar. Passover formulations must contain cane sugar. Sodas contain flavorings and colorings that may contain grain based alcohol which is not kosher for Passover. Everyday sodas also need kosher certification for everyday use since a number of innocuous sounding ingredients may be non-kosher. For example colorings and flavorings could be of animal, insect or grape origins especially in "all natural" products. Natural flavorings include civet (from cat), musk (from ox), castoreum (from beaver), ambergris (from whales) and grapes. (Kashrus Magazine, April, 1987, p. 60) Oils are used in some sodas and these need certification.

This whole thing is way overly complicated. Makes me glad to be an atheist. :)

The best part is that ten bucks says I couldn't tell the difference between "sugar" Coke and "corn-syrup" Coke.


I would totally take you up on that. The flavor is surprisingly different.

You ain't takin' me up on anything as long as you're anonymous.

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The best part is I would be taking your ten bucks.

Indeed. Turns out cane-sugar Coke tastes like shit. :)

Little Tiny Lies finds that Kosher Coke, sold for passover, does not contain corn syrup, but sugar, as corn is forbidden for passover.

Is There Kosher-for-Passover Mountain Dew?

Mountain Dew is better with real sugar too.
The only place I have been able to find that is on Barbados.

) The only places I have been in Canada that I remember are Montreal, Quebec City, and Prince Edward Island.

Coke without corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup itself is what many are trying to avoid. Buying the Passover Coke is an option for us. I really enjoyed Coke from Mexico (the kind in the bottle, not the kind that's going up some noses). It also uses cane sugar. That way I can have my sweet fix and avoid the HFCS debate altogether. Problem is, I haven't found it in cans yet. If you can help, I'd appreciate it!!

Re: Coke without corn syrup

Mountain Dew "Throwback" and Pepsi "Throwback" may now be found in some CVS stores.