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All is well on this end. I am working on developing an iphone application with some friends. It is almost ready for submitting. We shall see. Hope all is well with everyone. In the meantime you can have this to make you smile.

For those that are interested:


All I have to say is it hurts getting beaten by four of a kind on the river when you have the highest possible full house on the board and are all in.

I'm very excited about this rock band news.

So, NASA and my customers over at JPL pulled this off. That means that now we are going to get a steady stream of pictures and data from the North Pole of Mars. I love living in the future.


The piece touches on why the decision is so legally important as well as being morally good. It was an interesting read for me.



The library system in Los Angeles is facing deep budget cuts and may start closing some branches. This is due to the perception that they are not a wanted resource for Angelinos. You can email the mayor and let his office know that this is actually something that is wanted by residents and those nearby neighbors who use the services.


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